Black holes

Many a scientist and theorist have proposed that black holes are in fact gateways to alternate universes. We’ve all heard this theory, and secretly believed in its rationality and plausibility – after all, nobody really knows what a black hole does other than suck.

But here’s the problem in the theory. If black holes were in fact gateways to other universes, it must be assumed that the other universes have black holes and that their destination would be our universe. To date however, I have not heard of a reverse black hole that is spewing celestial matter into its own orbit.

The important lesson here is that you cannot be a black hole of information and value. Without giving value, you are merely consuming it and sucking the life out of every resource within your grasp. We all consume, but the rare find is the one that spews value into orbit. Spew my friends, spew.

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