Head First into Social

The biggest complaint I have working with clients in the social media space is their reluctance to go all-in.  It’s like swimming lessons as a kid – remember those?  The cold fall mornings.  The chilly breeze that cuts through you as you remove your shirt.  A teenage lifeguard yelling at you to get in the pool.

What made that event brutal every morning at swim class, wasn’t the lessons themselves.  It wasn’t the annoying lifeguard or parent making you do something you didn’t want.  It wasn’t even the fact that you had to get up early to get there.

The most brutal part of swim class was actually getting into the water.  A process that was only exacerbated when you stuck your foot or toe in and let the water drive shivers up your leg.  It only got better once you were completely in and you became acclimated.

It’s exactly the metaphor needed for businesses to understand the importance of the all or nothing mentality that is social media.  You can’t pick and choose your battles or conversations, you have to take the good with the bad and be in the pool, swimming with the sharks.

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