Ice Cream for Little Leaugers

Social media isn’t changing the way people view companies.  It’s not going to give you hundreds of immediate sales, nor new perspectives, nor get you laid.  What it does do is give you a unique experience that provides a compliment of positive feelings your customers want, but can’t express.

Much like the ice cream parlor after a little league game, Social Media provides a unique opportunity to build irreplaceable value in your customer’s mind.  The parlor is a place  packed with both winners and losers who want nothing more than an opportunity to improve their mood, comfort level, and satisfaction.  Each one wants something different, but will end up with a very similar, positive impression.   You’re not going to change the outcome of their decisions prior to the ice cream experience, but you will create an irreplaceable impression that will make a lasting impression.

It’s not good enough to just give your customers ice cream after they’ve finished their little league game, you have to give them the variety, sprinkles, and toppings to truly reach them on a personal level and have the impact.


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