Who is Mac fooling?

Android_Fans_Are_Laughing_Over-da9a1ffe64ab65e8fd3ab5bc0afdc95fThe latest iPhone 6 is being hailed as a game-changing device with all these amazing features that will change the way users interact with their phones.  What crack are they smoking?  Not since the iPod and the iPhone have Mac really had any sort of competitive advantage, and it’s becoming more and more obvious that the Steve Jobs Mac days are long gone.

With the iPhone 6, all of the greatest “game-changing” features have been around for years with Android.  While the Mac OS (in my opinion) still far out-performs the Android OS, that’s about the extent of their differentiation.

The reality is that Mac is reeling.  They’ve always been an amazing marketing company that does a phenomenal job connecting with specific user groups.  They do a fantastic job of making their products look clean, simple, easy-to-use, and exclusive, which is a driving force for their market penetration.  But the reality is that this is just a facade.  Mac products are not actually superior, and in fact, they may be falling behind their competitors.  Until the competition figures out how to market their products as well as Mac, however, we the consumers will have to put up with the homogenized market of average crap.


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